Those Kinds of Lies EP

by Charlywood



The "Those Kinds of Lies EP" was made in Andy’s flat in the summer of 2010 using (amongst other things) a guitar his dad built and a small piece of pistachio shell.
The songs are about hopes, expectations and the inevitable disappointments and frustrations that go along with them.
So, to sum it up: It’s a homemade EP with songs about homemade life played on a homemade guitar.


released October 19, 2010

Tracks 1 and 5:
Vocals, guitars, bass, production, music and lyrics: Andy Charlewood
Percussion: Fabian Natter
Backing vocals: Lina Neuner
Cello: Constanze Posautz

Tracks 2,3 and 4:
Drums: Fabian Natter
Everything else: Andy Charlewood

Mixing and production:
Andy Charlewood
Mastering: JP Phillippe courtesy of
Disclosure Project Recordings.
Photography, artwork and layout:
Sabina Onic and Andy Charlewood



all rights reserved


Charlywood Wien, Austria

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Track Name: Those Kinds of Lies
Looking back at where we’ve been
Ideals of how a happy life should begin
It’s a deception of the pen
The end of the story is where real life begins

And we all break down
And we all feel hurt some times
What makes the difference is the way we find our way back to that time darling
Round here those kinds of lies don’t work

And now the world is beaten thin
Slip back inside to have it blind you again
Those stupid boys will do you in
Secrets and silences is all you can win


And its been knocking on my door, its been banging down my door for years
And I can’t let it in.
It’s all a game and I’m just a toy
But I’ll be damned if I’ll be another boy
And its such an honour to be stripped away
I took such a long time before I felt that way and I would…
I would promise you yeah I could promise you yeah I would promise you, you know I would promise you the world.
Yeah I would promise you the world
If it would change a thing so
Stay with you and I’ll just stay with me and we’ll both stay the way that we are supposed to be and
It won’t change a thing
I know it won’t change a thing
I know it won’t change a thing
Track Name: Who's Keeping Score?
Shouldering your love,
I can’t make up for all of my mistakes
Ooh I’m not that strong

Firing up my Motivator
Breaking in my heart
Ooh you’ve done no wrong

Playing out my part
You never thought I'd bow to my disgrace
Ooh pull me along
Shut it down I'll see you later
Faking a new start
Ooh I've done so wrong

And it’s hard to forget what’s been done
Has it ended before its begun?
Could you try to ignore the thousands of things you can’t stand anymore?
I guess you win but then, who’s keeping score?

And it’s hard to forget what’s been done
Has it ended before its begun?
Could you try to ignore the thousands of things you can’t stand anymore?
I guess you win but then who’s keeping,
I said you win so please stop keeping,
No one wins but then who’s keeping score?
Track Name: Tell me twice
You don’t have to tell me twice how much you do for me
I wish you could rely on me to put you above all
It would seem that I’m not quite your cup of tea
But you never walk away from me
Though I won’t promise any more

It seems that lately we got sidetracked
From making perfect harmony
And now you wanna get your life back
This ain’t how it should be, so lay the blame on me

I don’t doubt that you could get much more than me
But I won’t set you free
Oh my ears are closed to you
Build me up then break me down till I can break no more
Oh what are you lookin’ for?
Cause you won’t find it here

No one ever said the words would fit the music
Now all that you can do is nod and smile
Don’t you know if I were you I’d have excused it
Oh I can never win
You hate me then you wait for the next…….

You don’t have to tell me twice
We both have to pay the price
Can you take you own advice?

Lay the blame on me
(you don’t have to tell me twice)
Lay the blame on me
(We both have to pay the price)
Lay the blame on me
(Can you take your own advice?)
Lay the blame on me
Track Name: Repeat After me
I guess that it's time we tried to call this thing to order
We'd both get on fine if you were just less like yourself
We should both see a doctor, don't shout so loud I know you feel like you've got to
Make some sense, could you beat some sense into me?

We try to survive by faking confidence till it all makes sense
But who's to decide what's really valuable at all?
And who's the most artful dodger? Don't try so hard cause don't ya know it's just got to
Sound alright now repeat this right after me

And you're too tired to start again
Or ask for help with the load
I take it right to the heart again
That you've just got to implode
So sad to see you implode
I've got to watch you implode


Repeat chorus